Social Projects

Dr. Jitendra Joshi exemplifies compassionate humanitarianism, dedicating himself to a range of philanthropic endeavors that enrich society. From uplifting underprivileged communities through educational workshops to fostering spiritual growth for inner peace, promoting sports for holistic well-being, guiding youth towards positivity, and empowering women through opportunities, his multifaceted initiatives strive to build a more inclusive and caring society.

Discover a glimpse of Jitendra Joshi’s social projects

One of Social Projects of Jitendra Joshi, food distribution to Frontline workers police during Covid 19

Aiding policemen and Acknowledging their efforts

Abhi Group distributed food to the police who were doing their duties for long hours during Ganesh Chaturthi

Jitendra Joshi Social Projects discussion with renowned social worker Sindhutai Sapkal

Discussions on Social Projects

With renowned social worker late Sindhutai Sapkal discussing social projects

Social Projects of Jitendra Joshi, Free Workshop on International Yoga Day

Organising Yog workshop

On behalf of Abhi Charitable Trust, Dr. Jitendra Joshi organized a free workshop on yog On International Yog Day

Jitendra Joshi's Social Projects aids Flood Victims

Aiding Flood Victims

Abhi Charitable Trust under the guidance of Dr. Jitendra Joshi provided aid to the flood victims

Jitendra Joshi's Social Projects helps Musicians during Covid 19 period

Providing Financial Aid

On behalf of Abhi Charitable Foundation, Dr. Jitendra Joshi helped musicians financially during COVID-19 period

Social Projects of Blood Donation and Organ Donation Awareness Camp organized by Abhi Charitable Trust on Dr. Jitendra Joshi's Birthday

Blood Donation and Organ Donation Awareness Camps

Blood donation and Organ donation awareness camp by Abhi Charitable Trust on Dr. Joshi's birthday

Social Projects of Jitendra Joshi distributing food and Essential items during Covid 19 Pandemic

Distributing food during pandemic

Distributing Food Essential items during COVID-19 Pandemic

Jitendra Joshi's Social Projects includes donating essential items to the orphanage

Offering Donations to the Orphanage

Spending time at an orphanage and donating essential items are part of Dr. Joshi's Social work

Social Projects of Jitendra Joshi includes planting trees

Tree Plantation Drive

Dr. Joshi planting some trees for the mother nature