Dr. Jitendra Joshi, recognized for his genuine humanitarianism, passionately engages in philanthropy across diverse realms. His endeavors extend to education, where he strives to enhance access and quality, social projects targeting the betterment of marginalized communities, spirituality initiatives initiatives promoting inner peace and harmony, youth inspiration programs guiding towards positive futures, and women empowerment efforts aimed at fostering growth and autonomy. Through his broad-ranging contributions, Dr. Joshi exemplifies a commitment to making meaningful and lasting impacts on society, enriching lives and empowering individuals from all walks of life.

Dr. Joshi, a fitness enthusiast, also promotes sports and fitness programs for physical and mental well being, discover some of the events below

Sports Enthusiast Jitendra Joshi with his employees after playing a box cricket match

Participating in a box cricket match

Dr. Jitendra Joshi, a sports enthusiast, participated with Abhi Group employees in a Box Cricket match organized by Maharashtra Times newspaper

Sports Enthusiast Jitendra Joshi presenting trophy to the winners of the cricket event

Sponsoring Cricket Sports Event

Dr. Jitendra Joshi sponsored a cricket event in Pune through Abhi Charitable Trust

Under 19 State Volleyball Sports Team sponsored by Abhi Charitable Trust

Sponsoring U-19 State Volleyball Sports Team

Dr. Jitendra Joshi sponsored jerseys and track suits for the Girls under-19 State Volleyball team through Abhi Charitable Trust

Pune Police Cricket Team sponsored by Sports Enthusiast Jitendra Joshi

Sponsoring Pune Police Cricket Team

Abhi Group sponsored Pune police cricket team

Sports Enthusiast Jitendra Joshi Youth Icon

Organising friendly cricket match

Cricket match with international students and Abhi group staff

Maharashtra Police Hockey Team sponsored by Sports Enthusiast Jitendra Joshi

Sponsoring Maharashtra Police Hockey Sports Team

Dr. Jitendra Joshi, a popular entreprenuer in Maharashtra, sponsored the hockey team of Maharashtra Police in Pune